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December 10, 2011
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Site Update: December 10, 2011

Sat Dec 10, 2011, 1:28 AM

A little while ago, we released the first Updates article. The response was amazing.

We've fixed some of the issues you brought up last time, but there's still plenty to do. We've also been working on a lot of details that didn't come up in the feedback. It's a big list, so get ready!

Change Log

:bulletblue: now supports keyboard shortcuts! Hit up, down, left, right, and hit the Delete/Backspace key to remove any selected items. Hold the Shift key as you move around with the arrow-keys to select a bunch of files at once! - Added by kouiskas

:bulletblue: We've brought back the full word "Comments" instead of using the small speech bubble icon on the Journals in deviantART's footer, and the journals in the Journal Portal, making it a little easier on our newer community members - Added by kemayo

:bulletblue: Your avatar is now the 'tab icon' of the site in your browser (that's if you use tabs!) - Added by Nodren

:bulletblue: Lots of small graphical tweaks have been happening to make sure that "the wrong green" doesn't peek through on (what looks good in the deviantART browse page doesn't necessarily look right in your -- the Literature & Journal thumbnails are now the correct colour, etc.) - thanks to adkbamf and adahacker

:bulletblue: The " comments will not appear in your activity" notice looks a lot nicer, thanks to adkbamf and kouiskas

:bulletblue: Here's a simple fix that should make a big difference - up until last week, clicking into a Stack, then clicking Back, used to scroll you back to the top of the homepage. Now keeps you scrolled to the right spot, which should make poking through your much faster - Fixed by aMoniker

:bulletblue: Drag & Drop is a big part of organizing your You can drag around multiple items to select them, drag those items off the bottom of the screen to scroll down - this entire system has had a makeover this week, should run much better, and fewer problems (like dragging to select not working when you started on a certain spot) - Fixed by Alisey

:bug: Some older journals couldn't be edited! Blank content was, rather scarily, appearing in Writer instead of the Journal itself. Thankfully fixed by kouiskas

:bug: The Journal Portal's contest category was completely blank for a moment! Fixed by kemayo

:bug: IE8 had some drag-to-select slowdown trouble - Now fixed by Alisey

:bug: For a time today, the Delete feature on was simply not working. This is now back to normal - Fixed by adahacker

:bug: About 30 news articles turned out to be large to fit in the new system! The most affected deviant was SlyDante, whose really cool, really detailed feature articles had turned blank. Everything is back to normal, and we've made a special exception for these old articles - Fixed by sgrahamUK

:bug: Some of you were getting an "Unresponsive Script" error on Step 2 of Writer on Firefox - fixed by kemayo

:bug: Using on an iPad was not working briefly - Fixed by aMoniker

:bug: About 2,400 random old journals disappeared! But then they came back, thanks to some bug fixing by sgrahamUK

:bug: Clicking a thumbnail inside a Stashed journal entry opened a page with a broken "All" button in the header! Fixed by aMoniker

:bug: Reloading a Stack's page after dropping a file into it caused you to go back to the home page instead of reloading. Fixed by aMoniker

:bug: meihua had a item that got stuck! It was half way submitted, and half-way still in the This spooky bug fixed by kouiskas

:bug: About 2,300 random journals had a bug that would have prevented them from being deleted properly, and caused some text cutoffs -   Now fixed by sgrahamUK and kemayo

:bug: Visiting items and apps used to sometimes send you to the homepage instead - Fixed by kouiskas

:bug: You can now hold Ctrl (or Command, on a Mac) while clicking on a item to select it, without it opening in a new tab at the same time. kouiskas

:bug: Things that were unstored just after launch got stuck in the! All the deviations affected by this are now fixed, thanks to sgrahamUK

Known Issues

:bulletblue: needs to do a better job at introducing itself! For some folks it's daunting, and it's not clear what it's for. While is useful for a lot of artist's workflows, it's's job to make sure that anyone who visits it understands what it's for. Requested by Befera, RaiDoodles, and lots more.

:bulletblue: The ability to type in "real HTML" in Writer is going to be present as part of the upcoming Edit and File menus. This should solve a lot of problems with "nbsp" not working, and other HTML tricks like that. - Requested by Mirz123, electricjonny and many more!

:bulletblue: Writer is no longer going to automatically resume your last draft when you open it. It was an interesting idea, but in practice it's not very clear, and it's hard to just start a "New Document." Instead, there will be a new File menu, which will allow you to open your last draft manually. We hunch that this will solve some of the problems with drafts some of you are having!

:bulletblue: While makes it easy to upload a lot of files at once, submitting those files to your deviantART Gallery is still not smooth, and it's not possible to submit a lot at once. We will be designing a new Submit application to address all of these issues in one swoop. Based on comments from Created-By-Caz, dorkywaffle, and many more.

:bulletblue: One of Writer's most important aspects is that it presents an accurate preview of what you'll get when you submit. Writer is still having issues with spacing, alignment, certain skins, and especially things pasted from other sources such as MS Word. There's a lot to do here, but it's something we want to get 100% right. Reported by Evlydia, LadyofGaerdon, and many more.

:bulletblue: Author tags are not present on Literature deviations submitted through Writer. This is because Writer makes its own "type" of deviation, with a different thunbnail, but we're altering it to use the old style literature thumbnails, even if it comes from Writer, so that deviantART doesn't have weird inconsistencies. Asked by RetroZombie, Caedy, and more.

:bulletblue: Comments are hidden after they are posted, so that you have a space to freely discuss and critique and plan before submitting something, but many of you have asked to still have access to those older comments after submitting is done. We're adding this feature as soon as we can! Asked by KaizokuShojo, bcbdrums

:bulletblue: Request: The ability to share a Gallery, in addition to Sta.shed Files. Requested by Jenetikitty, orcasandwolves

:bulletblue: Request: The ability Flip, Crop, Rotate, and even Filter images should be possible for Stashed items. Requested by far-off-light

:bulletblue: Upcoming: Add "Edit in Writer" button to public view of Writer-based items, instead of requiring two button clicks to get back into Writer. Also ensure all common actions: Edit, Save are equally as easy to find when you need them.

:bulletblue: We have been developing very exciting functionality for Writer that will permit you to Write and then publish to anywhere you have access to post. This means you can Write an entry and publish to your Journal on your profile, and to a Group at the same time. Or optionally you can publish to all of the Groups you're a deviant of and have access to. This should solve many redundancies in the deviantART system these days where one must copy and paste in many locations in order to get the word out.

:bulletblue:'s file organization interface makes it tedious to access certain functions, such as Delete. A new interface has been designed that simplifies all core actions, and is currently in Alpha Testing.

:bulletblue: Writer currently cannot access Group Skins (only the skins installed individually by deviants). We will soon provide functionality giving you the ability to use any skin you'd otherwise have access to anywhere you want. Our reasoning is, if you have access to the skin you could easily cut and paste it anyway so we may as well make this easier to address the needs here.

:bulletblue: Group Journals are considered "Personal" -- they will likely be re-categorized in the tree and separated from Personal.

:bulletblue: Old systems like the original editor for Journals, and the original editor for Group Journals (formerly Blogs) don't permit you to submit a Journal to a category within the Journal Portal. Because of this, all Group Journals are currently excluded from the footer of deviantART where they would otherwise gain a lot more exposure. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

:bug: Sometimes, for text posts, a "Journal" graphic appears where a "Literature" one should - places like Chat thumbnails, and sometimes inside itself. Reported by archaeobibliologist

:bug: Some journals are appearing wider than they should on the Journal Portal, causing the right bar to sometimes get cut off. Still finding out what exactly it is about certain journals that's triggering this!

:bug: Sometimes, after uploading some files, the ability to merge those items into stacks does not work. Still trying to find out what causes it!

:bug: Trying to select a Stack with the Ctrl key causes the Stack to open instead.

:bug: Dragging and Dropping to causes trouble if you've logged out in a separate window

:bug: Bug to Fix: Our formatting system, named Chrysalis, very-occasionally has trouble processing a section of a Writer document. It results Stashed files displaying in correctly on the home page.

Shout about it!

We will never be finished working on deviantART and We will always be adding things. Your feedback is the single most important thing that makes it all work. Please keep your amazing comments coming in - and if you think your issue hasn't been heard - shout it again! We're watching the comments and we will try to reply or add to the list every single issue you raise.

- Pach

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AlphaPower Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012   General Artist
Leichenengel Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I suddenly have the same issue as FriendCreator and iluvwrath :|
iluvwrath Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am having the same issue as FriendCreator is with stash. My art work shows for a moment then vanishes :/
MsBlackrobin Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello out there! I seem to be having a weird problem- as of today, when I clicked, I would get a brief flash of my art in here, then it would dissapear! I know it's still here-the flash occurs when I refresh the page also- and I can still upload. A little help?
(Also: It would be ULTRA EXTREMELY COOL if you could add a function where you could draw with friends who were on different computers! Please and thank you?)
ForeignSin Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I actually just now decided to check out and see what is all about. Very nice concept that could help a lot with storing images that I simply need independent links for so I don't have to use Photobucket anymore. Thanks guys!

I haven't had the chance to try it out but I'm loving the ideas and the future updates it looks like you guys are considering sound great! I look forward to using the program and seeing how it works first hand. Good work crew!
PawelMatys Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I don't know if it's a bug or me making some mistake but... when i submit a deviation via stash it doesn't show up on the front page. It happened to me a few times already, though not every time. I've never had such a problem when submitting deviations the old way. Anyone knows what's going on?
RazzleberryWhip Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! Love stash, but I'm having a problem. I can upload my pictures into stash. I can edit the descriptions, the titles, the category, keywords... but when I click "Submit", it doesn't send to my gallery! :( I don't know if this is a temporary thing going on right now, but I thought you should definitely know about it!

Thanks so much for putting in so much time and effort for this stash project :heart: it really does seem like a live-saver! (This is my first time using it, and I assume the not-being-able-to-submit thing is a bug ^^; )
orcasandwolves Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012

still loving it guys great work, love the click drag multi-select.

Is there any thing you can do about anchoring windows?

I mean, when you drag and drop a file,
is there a coding way to make the webpage remain behind the explorer window,
and not jump forwards with each drop?

Or is that a windows setting??

Snowy-Ninja Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012  Professional General Artist
Actually its bloody useful for storing stock so you can upload at a slower rate instead of 70 files in one day, and i can upload files on it at uni and download them at home no more memory sticks i have never had problems with stash so far.
JesamineFey123 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I keep getting an error message saying [object OBJECT] What is that?
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